We like travel and we like record every daily life by shooting a video. As this is a era of video-shooting. As time passed, our requirements of shooting a video have become more stringent. While we can not avoid the shake during shooting. How to prevent shaking during shooting? That’s a question! Without doubt, what we need is a professional three-axis handheld stabilizer, which will help you a lot when shooting a video.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q is the first product released by Zhiyun-tech in 2017. It is reported that Zhiyun Smooth-Q is a easy-use handheld stabilizer that adapted three-axis design.

To begin with, the package is larger than I expected. The inside package is likely a old fashion holster, which including gimbal bag, hang-bag, charging cable and manual.
Zhiyun Smooth-Q is available in four colors: Grey, Black, Champagne Gold and Rose Gold.

Both of carrying bag and gimbal have a great workmanship. The carrying bag is very practical. Three axis are made by metal material, and the handheld part has a metal coating finished.

At first, we test the gimbal with Xiaomi Mix mobile. But the phone is too heavy to test. Actually,  Zhiyun Smooth-Q can not bear mobile more than 200g, which is also written in the manual.
We failed to test with Xiaomi Mix(6.44 inch), however, the gimbal can fixed it without any problem, since it can fixed mobile smaller than 6 inch that written in the manual.

Then move to the control area of Zhiyun Smooth-Q; from the top is a dual indicator (left is the Bluetooth connection indicator, the right is the power indicator); Joystick (to complete the three-axis control, according to different modes can control the scope of different); Mode button (divided into follow mode, lock mode, follow mode); Open key (long press the gimbal switch and camera function); Lever (zoom control, front and rear camera conversion, shoot). Control buttons can basically meet all the need of operations, without the need for assistance of phone.

Screw in the rolling axis can adjust the phone when shoot outside. There are a round drawing design and Smooth Logo in the pitch axis.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q built-in a 2000mAh battery, which official reported that it can last for 12 hours. Zhiyun Smooth-Q can charge for mobile or GoPro via a USB port.
What’s more, there is a screw at the bottom that can fix your gimbal in a regular supporter.

Since the Xiaomi Mix can not be fixed at the gimbal, we found a smaller phone to do the test. Therefore, the performance is quite good. About the installment, we give a recommend.
We heard a host of news about gimbal products did not work well with Android mobile, however, Zhiyun Smooth-Q did a great job with any mobile.
You can install phone App for Zhiyun Smooth-Q, and you can use it by connecting Bluetooth as well.

In a word, Zhiyun Smooth-Q is a masterpiece that combine with workmanship and easy-use. While the manual and Phone App need to be further optimized.
We believed as the product released, the after-service will be more perfect.