Zhiyun Evolution is an innovative and reliable 3-axis stabilizing gimbal for GoPro’s and similar sized action cameras. Zhiyun Evolution can help content creators to produce smooth and professional shots with minimal effort with small POV cams, which usually don’t have any sort of image stabilization system onboard.

Zhiyun Evolution comes in an elegant white box which will be just perfect to store and transport the gimbal in the future. The box, besides de gimbal, includes the followings:

·Extension tube (which is actually a shortening tube);
·2pcs. of 18650 3.7V 2000mAh Li-Po batteries;
·USB data and charging cable (for firmware upgrade);
·Battery charger (suitable for 2pcs of 18650, input 5v/1600mAh);
·3 wire GoPro power cable;
·4 wire GoPro AV-out and power cable;
·Warranty card;
·Zhiyun Evolution user manual (English and Chinese).

At first sight it has a very good build quality, made from some lightweight aluminum alloy. Excepting the golden ON/OFF power button and two screws which helps to secure the camera to the gimbal everything else has black color.

Zhiyun Evolution is designed for the GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver but can be re-calibrated to work with other action cameras of a similar size and shape through the software. The calibration process is simple and effective; you can program the motors to distribute the weight more efficiently producing smoother shots.

The unit is weighted nicely and has a robust build. It is made up of aluminum primarily. The three brushless motors produce strong torque and smooth rotation.

The motors don’t produce any audible noise, so the camera mic won’t pick up the movement of the motors. You can control the pitch, roll, and pan through automated settings or manual controls. The rotation angle of each motor is up to 330 degrees. The unit also offers a 3.5mm headphone jack that outputs audio and video.

You can charge your GoPro through the unit as well, which is extremely handy for long shoots. The four-way joystick control is smooth and simple to use, feels comfortable, and is very responsive. A mounting screw on the base of the unit allows for a multitude of mounting options. The battery life is great – up to 12 hours of continuous use. Charging this unit is extremely fast as well.

Overall, Zhiyun Evolution is a powerful gimbal that can help to create professional-looking video productions. Zhiyun Evolution is a great tool to get steady shots when moving around.