Zhiyun Crane-M is a professional PTZ system. 125-650g weight-bearing basically meet the market most of the Compact System Camera. What’s more, Zhiyun Crane-M has advantages of quickly adjustment and portable.

Package of Zhiyun Crane-M just simple with black cover. You can learn about compatible cameras, four-way joystick, Bluetooth control and other functions of Zhiyun Crane-M from the side icons.

Inside the package is a portable package of Zhiyun Crane-M, which features exquisite design and good feelings. In addition to portable bag, it also comes with a shoulder strap,
using for outdoor photography.

Zhiyun Crane-M and accessories are placed in a portable bag. Portable bag is surrounded by anti-collision sponge, to avoid damage to the product when going out.

Accessories: Zhiyun Crane-M, Battery case, 2X 26500mAh rechargeable battery, battery charger, Usb data cable, Manual, warranty card and so on.

Craftsmanship of Zhiyun Crane-M is sophisticated. Each part is seamless. Compared with Zhiyun Crane(Weight 950g height 400mm), Zhiyun Crane-M weighs only 740g and the height is only 340mm.

The lever on the back of the camera tray and 1/4 screws can firmly fix the camera. Before installing the camera, the manual screw is placed in a special screw hole to avoid loss.

The fixed platform and quick install-plate are come with non-slip scratch-resistant rubber pad to reduce wear between camera and gimbal. The quick install-plate is fixed in the platform.
After opening the bottom lever, you can move back and forth.

All 3-aixs Gimbals feature with scale as a supplement.

The biggest feature of Zhiyun Crane-M is the ability to control the camera in real time.

Zhiyun Crane-M is the first Gimbal can control the camera directly. The classic five-way joystick is optimized for four-way rocker. Indicator lights, switches, camera focus control,
and the photographing operation mode are together to bring more convenient and fast experience. You can purchase a remote control to achieve wireless operation.

Zhiyun Crane-M uses two 26500Ah lithium battery, fafter fully charged, the gimbal can be sustained for 12 hours. Long battery life basically meet the needs of some video photographers.

Performance: three aixs of Zhiyun Crane-M can achieve 360°rotation. In operation, Zhiyun Crane-M incorporates with three modes that can change various of posture to shoot.

All in all, except photos, you need some action movies to enrich your memory. Do the director of your life with Zhiyun Crane-M. If you are looking for a “camera-friendly” stabilizer for
your mirrorless or compact digital camera, GoPro and even smartphone, Zhiyun Crane-M would be your ideal choice.