Feiyu SPG VS Zhiyun Smooth C --- Comparison Experience

Nowadays, more and more people like taking photos with their mobile phones, and despite of the needs of taking photos, the demand for mobile phone gimbal is also increasing.
Those gimbals specifically for mobile phone have became increasingly various. And this article is about the comparison experience between Feiyu SPG and a Zhiyun Smooth C,
in order to see which is even better.

I. Package: Handbag carry convenient, high-capacity battery with longer life   

Feiyu SPG and Zhiyun Smooth C are three-axis mobile phone gimbal. Packaging and product modeling are similar, with the use of white cardboard box.
From the package size, Feiyu SPG is bigger.

After opening the package, the items of Feiyu SPG are simple in a original handbag. In the words, it carries more convenient and has a better protection of gimbal in contrast of
Zhiyun Smooth C.

After opening the handbag, apart of Feiyu SPG, it comes with two sponge pad, one 22650 mAh battery, and a USB charging cable.

Feiyu SPG equipped with a 22650 mAh lithium battery, while Zhiyun Smooth C features two 18350 mAh lithium batteries. From the battery capacity, Feiyu SPG is 3000mAh,
and Zhiyun Smooth C is 900mAh / section. In contrast, battery capacity of Feiyu SPG is almost doubled.

As the 3-axis gimbal, Feiyu SPG and Zhiyun Smooth C are similar in appearance. However, Feiyu SPG is much pretty with gold line in rotating part.

What’s more, Feiyu SPG and Zhiyun Smooth C are very similar in volume and weight. Both of the net-weight are about 350g with similar size.

II. Details of the comparison

On the Compatible Camera, Feiyu SPG not only support mobiles but also action camera with 320° wider-ranging rolling angle. Feiyu SPG is a bit better in terms of endurance,
as well as core balance adjustment.

About the size of mobile, official dates show Feiyu SPG supporting iPhone 7 Plus/7 or other mobile with the similar dimensions. So the below test is using Meizu 5S with 5.2 inch
and iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5 inch to tested Feiyu SPG and Zhiyun Smooth C.

From the design of mobile quick-release adapter, Zhiyun Smooth C features a one-way spring, while Feiyu SPG uses a double spring. In fact, the double spring design
is more moderate for installation of large-size mobile phone.

About the Balance Adjustment, Feiyu SPG use sliding arm mechanism for wide range of phones without extra counterweight. By contrast, Zhiyun Smooth C needs
counterweight to adjust balance when installing large size mobile like iPhone 6 Plus.

In order to deal with the balance adjustment when installing large size mobile, Zhiyun Smooth C equipped with a original counterweight. You need to install it by manual tightening.

In the control area, Zhiyun Smooth C uses traditional rocker design, while Feiyu SPG upgrades to four-way rocker. Four-way rocker is more accurate and comfortable.
Feiyu SPG eliminates the traditional rocker press key design, and separate the function keys in order to prevent the movement during the shooting caused by mistake.

The early gimbal took two-axis as mainstream, while three-axis gimbal added a motor based on the former. No matter swing around the hand, or up and down swing,
the overall stability of Feiyu SPG is quite satisfying as it can be adjusted in real time.

Because only have pitch and roll motors, the traditional two-axis gimbal is prone to steering when swinging. Feiyu SPG with one more motor, can adjusted in real time during left and right move.

Except for horizontal rotation, the pitch angle of Feiyu SPG is also very sensitive. You can control the gimbal freely with four-way rocker during the shooting.

Although Feiyu SPG and Zhiyun Smooth C both have a USB port on the left side of the body, the difference is that Feiyu SPG supports USB port charging;
Zhiyun Smooth C uses cradle charging, its USB port is only used for firmware upgrades and other data transmission.

III. Four Tests: Feiyu SPG performance is more outstanding.

Test I: Feiyu SPG VS mobile phone normal shoot

The first test was based on Feiyu SPG equipped with Meizu 5S and Meizu Note normal shoot. During the walk test, with Feiyu SPG on the left hand and Meizu Note on the right
to record the performance of Feiyu SPG. The overall picture was very smooth, in contrast of, the mobile phone normal shoot was bumpy, shaking and very dizzy.

Test II: Feiyu SPG VS Zhiyun Smooth C Strolling state

During the strolling state, both of them had same stability. Both of them could adjust the slight jitters accurately to maintain the stability of the picture.

Test III: Feiyu SPG VS Zhiyun Smooth C Trotting state

During the trotting state, as the speed rises, Feiyu SPG performance is more excellent, the whole picture was very smooth. However, Zhiyun Smooth C has been shaking.

Test IV: Feiyu SPG VS Zhiyun Smooth C Running state

During the running state, Zhiyun Smooth C started to shake in the beginning. And under increasing speed, shaking of Zhiyun Smooth C became more serious.
In contrast, Feiyu SPG had more outstanding performance, the overall picture was still maintained a good stability.

IV. Conclusion

After the comparison experience between Feiyu SPG and a Zhiyun Smooth C, I was great impressed by Feiyu SPG. Despite of high-capacity battery featured with longer life,
it is more comfortable when using with four-way rocker in the control area. Meanwhile, Feiyu SPG had a more outstanding stable performance under the test of three different state.