Feiyu SPG Plus gimbal is a dual-grip electronic stabilizer for your smart phone. This gimbal rig is perfect for shooting videos on a budget if you already have a smart phone. Feiyu SPG Plus gimbal has a top notch design in terms of build quality and materials used, all the way to comfort with the dual handled system. The entirety of the SPG Plus is made of aluminum and feels very substantial. Even though the robust and quality build is really amazing, you still need to take care with gimbals so as not to damage the bits and pieces that make it a gimbal. Feiyu SPG Plus is very comfortable to hold and the two handles give you even more stability over any other single-handed gimbal out there.

If you’ve never used a gimbal before, the most important - and hardest - first step is balancing it. The sliding/locking weight arms allow you to adjust the balance and after a few attempts, it really is simple afterward. If you use the Feiyu On app, which will also allow you to use the Bluetooth button for capturing photos, you’ll need to open the app and pair it to your gimbal. Once you’re up and running with balance and app your next biggest challenge is mastering the movement of the gimbal.

As a gimbal, Feiyu SPG Plus rocks in performance. The two-handle design helps combat arm fatigue that happens so often with single-handled gimbals. The design also gives you much more stability and helps eliminate some of the bounce you tend to get with a one-handed gimbal. With the right form, walk, and stance you will be getting great shots with this gimbal and they should be super smooth. You will need to practice with that joystick for a bit as it’s super sensitive. 

Feiyu advertises 8-hour battery life and that’s just about right where I was able to get with it, just under by 20 minutes. Battery life will vary, though, depending on how much you use the joystick and are moving the rig.

If you need a gimbal for your smart phone or action camera, Feiyu SPG Plus is a better choice over any of the single-handled gimbals out there.