Recently, we tested Feiyu SPG Live last weekend and unfortunately, it doesn't work with the Nexus 6P due to where the volume control is located on the phone. There is no way to eliminate the gimbal clamp from pressing the down button on the phone. It need an exacto knife to cut a channel and most likely it would work, but why bother on something so expensive?

Other than that, it is believed that this is a really fine piece of equipment. To balance the phone which is larger, you can simply add the additional counter weight that is provided. Unless you'll be switching phones, you simply leave it in place. It's made really well and I like the rocker design on it, which comes with a pretty nice neoprene case also.

The Bluetooth function is the reason why we gave only 4.5 stars and that the downloads are only Windows compatible. For whatever reason, I simply could not get the Bluetooth to pair with my phone. It immediately paired with an old iPod while testing to see if it worked at all. So, is it really the gimbals fault......not really since Android does have its quirks with BT devices sometimes, but it's also a protocol with the BT of the gimbal as well.

We ended up to test the Zhiyun Smooth II which just arrived. It works fantastic with the Nexus 6P including the Bluetooth function. However, there are still a few things that better on the Feiyu SPG Live VS Zhiyun Smooth II While the Bluetooth connects and works great on the Smooth II, it doesn't offer the functionality of the BT to control the shutter/record button on the phone like the SPG Live does (assuming you can get Bluetooth to pair). Zhiyun Smooth II controls between camera and video and also zoom in and out. That may work better for some people. It's not a big deal to simply reach and press the record button, but due to what I wanted it for, it would have worked better for me to control it with Bluetooth.

Zhiyun Smooth II doesn't come with a case either like Feiyu SPG Live, and I'm not really sure why that could not have been done. It's really not practical to try and carry one of these things around if it's not contained some how due to the fact that the separate arms would constantly be moving and create more of a chance to possibly damage the unit.

In addition to that, Zhiyun Smooth II cost about $80.00 more than the SPG Live. Zhiyun Smooth II does work well though. It does really make "smooth shots" super easy. It's well made just like Feiyu SPG Live.

All in all, if you have an iPhone, you'd go with the Feiyu SPG Live units. If you have something like the Nexus 6P with the volume control more centered on the side of the phone, you'll have to go with Zhiyun Smooth II or try and find another brand that will work for you.