Feiyu SmartStab is a 2-axis handheld selfie stick gimbal for smart phones. This is the first of its kind. It can handle phones of all shapes and sizes, including but not limited to, the new Iphone6+ and Samsung Note 5. It can be used as an everyday typical handheld gimbal for super smooth video of you in action or achieve more versatility with the included extension bar. Are you feeling adventurous? This incredible gimbal doubles as a wearable making it an excellent choice for your off the beaten path trail blazing! Easy stand for watching a movie by phone when traveling on the train, plane and more.

Feiyu SmartStab is a miniaturized version of Feiyu's handheld gimbals, offering motorized 2-axis stabilization for smartphones, including larger options such as the iPhone 6 Plus. As part of this package, a specially designed extension pole is included that features two buttons on the handle to control up and down tilt angle.

Similar to the WG series, Feiyu SmartStab has two 1/4’ tripod mounts built into the gimbal’s body which enable it to be both wearable and usable handheld with the extension pole. The specially designed extension pole includes two buttons to control up/down tilting angles and it is fully compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus and other larger size smartphones as well.

Feiyu SmartStab 2-Axis smartphone selfie gimbal has a clip-on system for quick smartphone attachment. The integration of stabilization technologies brings smartphone videography to the next level and allows you to capture amazing camera footage through your phone. 

Feiyu SmartStab has three different working modes which can be used depending upon your circumstances. These are Panning Mode, Panning & Tilting Mode or Lock Mode.