Feiyu Mini 3D Pro is a gimbal for drones compeletly compatible with GoPro4 / GoPro3 sports camera or other similar dimensions cameras ( 41mmx59mmx21mm ) like
the Gitup Git2. Besides, Feiyu Mini 3D Pro can be used on all kinds of multi-rotors, fixed wing and helicopter aircraft including DJI series like Phantom 3 or Phantom 4,
in case you break the original gimbal with a crash.

Feiyu Mini 3D Pro looks great once fitted to the quad-copter, aircraft or drone and you do not need to worry about flimsy parts and poor quality materials.

If you need to make a firmware update, you can find the download links here: Feiyu Mini 3D Pro  firmware updates, updates are done via USB easily. 

Feiyu Mini 3D Pro gimbal provides as stable as possible positioning of the camera in order to get motionless videos and also allows for a remote control of the camera in order to
get the best point of view.

Feiyu Mini 3D Pro offers:
• Heading Follow Mode – eliminates any unwanted buffeting by allowing the gimbal to follow the pitch, roll and yaw angles of your quad-copter or aircraft for line of sight video
• Heading and Pitch Follow Mode – follows the pitch and yaw angles while keeping the roll angle fixed
• Heading Lock Mode – locks heading, pitch and roll to position while allowing that position to be controlled from your radio.