Feiyu Mini 2D is designed for a range of action cameras such as the Turning HD Action Cam or GoPro4, 3 or 3+ type cameras. 
Weighing in at 110g without a camera, Feiyu Mini 2D is one of the smallest and lightest 2 axis gimbals around.

Feiyu Mini 2D is designed to work independently of your flight control system, only requiring a power supply and making it easy to setup and use.
Alternatively, pitch and roll functions can be controlled from your RC system.

In addition to its stand-alone stabilization function, two more operational modes allow you to create professional quality stabilized video from your multi-rotor.
You can also manually operate the gimbal from your transmitter for the ultimate in control.

• Heading Follow Mode enables the gimbal to follow the pitch and roll angles of your aircraft for line of sight video, damping out any unwanted buffeting as it does so.

• Heading Lock Mode locks heading, pitch and roll to the pre-determined position while allowing that position to be controlled from your radio. 

As if this wasn't enough, Feiyu Mini 2D gimbal includes a video output cable that plugs into your camera to give a live video stream from your camera via your A/V transmitter.

Feiyu Mini 2D is a compact, neat and feature-packed stand-alone gimbal that is an ideal complement to your FPV and video setup.