Inside the Feiyu MG’s package comes in its own plastic carry-case with supplied shoulder strap. Similar to the peli-cases, it’s a sealed affair with a pressure release valve. 
Inside the box are custom-cut foam inserts holding everything place, with the instructions and warranty card sat on top. All the items appear to be constructed of a lightweight
aluminium alloy and nicely finished in a satin black paint or smooth rubber.

As per the instructions, the charger requires a minimum input of 800mA which most USB ports will provide but at this level you can expect a charge time of over 2 hours for a flat battery.
Feiyu claim a usage time of 6 hours, but this is likely dependent on your payload weight and usage conditions.

Balancing the Feiyu MG
Before powering the gimbal up, its important to gain a rough ‘natural’ balance by adjusting the position of the camera inside the mounting area. So firstly we adjust the balance on the tilt axis.
With the camera securely mounted, stand the gimbal up and point the camera lens down the handle as pictured.

Feiyu MG Balance adjustment
Next we adjust the balance on the roll axis. Bringing the camera up to face forward you, release it and note if the camera rotates around the axis of the lens barrel.

Feiyu MG camera balance
This adjustment is simpler, using the allen bolts shown behind the camera to move it left and right to resist the roll.

Feiyu MG Power button
There are two orientations you can use the basic setup in. There is the standard handheld mode with the camera sat above the handle looking forward:

Feiyu MG Handheld mode
And then there is the mode Feiyu are calling ‘portable’ which most users will recognize as ‘torch’ mode with the battery pack sticking out backwards.

Feiyu MG portable mode
The gimbal will also let you run it in under slung mode where the camera hangs below the handle in a reverse of the handheld mode.
It is great to see how seamlessly the gimbal switches between these modes.

Dual-Handle Installation
Further modes are available for using the Feiyu MG, but require adding the cross bar assembly.

Feiyu MG dual handheld
Alternatively the whole thing can be rotated to provide an ‘over the top’ portable mode which we found most comfortable.
Note that the camera retains proper orientation which makes it easy to shoot over your head.

Feiyu MG Over-slung mode
Lastly there is ‘briefcase’ mode where the support frame can be held vertically with the handle up and behind the camera, ideal for low chase shots. 

Remote Control Included
Feiyu MG also comes with a remote control, similar to the G4S and wearable gimbals. Its a small unit that sits in the palm of your hand, paired with a small dongle that plugs
into the micro-USB port on the reverse face of the gimbal to the control buttons. Feiyu claim that in ideal conditions it will work up to 15m from the gimbal.

If you currently film with a Sony A7RII, Panasonic GH4 or similar then we feel Feiyu MG is worth the money and indeed a must-buy.