Feiyu MG Lite has the advantage of simple structure,convenience. Easy to carry it.According to different market mainstream cameras and lens combinations to optimize the size of fixed plate, more stable. Battery is more powerful.

Feiyu MG Lite features a 3-axis stabilization, tilt, roll and pan. All 3 axis actively compensate for any vibration or movement. This gives you the freedom to move the camera around and capture professional camera shake free footage.

Three shooting modes
Panning – Camera can left and right but the roll and tilt are fixed, this is great for stabilizing walking.

Pan + Tilt – Same as above but you can also tilt up and down, only roll is fixed.

Lock – Camera stays fixed pointing in one position, pan, tilt and roll are all fixed.

All the included motors can rotate 360 degrees allowing full motion on all axis.

Built to handle up to 4.4 lb, Feiyu MG Lite can handle even larger DSLR cameras. Even the 5D mark III can be used provided it uses one of the smaller lenses. There is also an included lens fixing screw to help stabilize mirrorless cameras with larger lenses.
If you are looking for one light portable solution to your stabilization and camera movements, Feiyu MG Lite is simple and performs well.