Feiyu G5---3-Axis hand-held Gimbals, Low prices, Cost-effective

With the development of stabilizer technology, once stabilizer only supports to use in the professional camera of shooting TV show, till now it not only support camera, but also mobile phone and action camera, the price has become more low-cost as well. With the emergence of hand-held gimbals, non-professionals also have the opportunity to shoot video.

Compared with the bulky video camera, light weight action camera is widely used in some TV program. Therefore, hand-held gimbals which are specifically for the action camera have also been welcomed by the majority. Then, how to choose the suitable gimbals? The one customized by action camera manufacturer or the one customized by professional manufacturers ?

GoPro --- the most popular action cameras, HERO5 Black is the Ultimate model among GoPro. So the coming comparison evaluation is based on to two hand-held gimbals that suitable for this action camera. One of that is Original product --- GoPro Karma Grip, the other is Feiyu G5 made in China by professional manufacturers.

Feiyu G5, out packaging is a white environmental protection carton, and the most eye-catching is a physical picture.

Packaging box of GoPro Karma Grip looks more texture and larger. While storage bag for Feiyu G5 is more small and lovely, easier to put into our backpack. From the package, Feiyu G5 Gimbals is smaller.

From the accessories, there are Feiyu G5 3-Axis hand-held Gimbals*1, 22650 mAh rechargeable Battery*1, USB Cable*1, GoPro 5 Charging Cable*1, Counter Weight*1, Long Screws*2, Portable Bag*2 and Manual*1.

GoPro Karma Grip is much larger than Feiyu G5. However, from the feel, the weight of the two products is not much difference.

From the appearance, both products are 3-Axis hand-held Gimbals. Only different in the way of installation, Feiyu G5 fixes the HERO5 through the screws on the plate, while GoPro Karma Grip need to remove the charging socket cover and align the micro-usb and USB type-c port on the gimbals.

From the installation and time cost, Feiyu G5 save time and effort. But GoPro Karma Grip need to open the fixed box first, and then align HERO5 with two different types of USB ports, which spend much more effort and even lose the protective cover due to careless collection.

One advantage is that you can directly charge HERO5 by using GoPro Karma Grip. Feiyu G5 came with HERO5 charging cable can also achieve charging function, though with external cable.

The outside of GoPro Karma Grip seems like protection box, surrounding the HERO5 and giving a space for function button of action camera.

Feiyu G5 using a fixed plate, fixed bars and screws to fix HERO5, thus its function button is directly exposed to the outside. Meantime, the ultra-narrow strips fixed even will not block the screen of HERO5.

From the installation effect, some people like the simple Feiyu G5, and other like GoPro Karma Grip.

GoPro Karma Grip has a USB type-c port for charging. This gimbals can also remove the stabilizer by twisting the retaining ring so as to install on GoPro other accessories. Also supporting cable, its application is very professional.

Although it is not the same with GoPro Karma Grip, Feiyu G5’s port can be dismantled as well. A common screw connector is provided at the bottom of the handle, which can be connected with the tripod, self-timer and other accessories. Feiyu G5 uses a special process in the design structure and production, so it is waterproof.

A tripod connected to Feiyu G5

There are four buttons of GoPro Karma Grip in operating area. Red circle control camera switch and camera button; The left "mode" is GoPro's shooting mode switch and power switch (The switch controls both GoPro and Karma Grip); The right side of the down arrow is the Hilight button; The bottom is to control the pitch lock, homing, display the battery power button.

There are only one indicator light, one four-way rocker, one function key and one self-timer button in operating area of Feiyu G5. The indicator lights indicate different states by different flickers; Four-way rocker is mainly used to adjust the roller when we shoot; The circular button below the rocker is the switch of the gimbals and the function key for switching the operating mode; The round button in the bottom is designed for the self-timer.

GoPro Karma Grip's handle part is made of metal + plastic, the feeling a bit too big, and plastic is a bit harder. Feiyu G5’s handle part is used all-metal inner + plastic outer layer. Because the handle part is small, the child can easily hold. 

Tilt axis movable angle of GoPro Karma Grip is about 180°. Gimbals will adjust camera direction when more than 180°. There will be some coherence for video recording. While the direction of the roller axis range is only about 100°.

Rolling axis range of GoPro Karma Grip

Rotating space for Feiyu G5 is much wider than GoPro Karma Grip, basically 360° without dead angle rotation. It allows the camera up and down about 360° free rotation by four-way control rocker.


For video recording, Rolling axis of Feiyu G5 has stronger applicability than GoPro Karma Grip. 

As the era of mobile phone App, any smart technology product will comes with mobile phone App. However, there is no dedicated App for GoPro Karma Grip, in other words, it just a simple gimbals. Feiyu G5 equipped with dedicated App, which can achieve setting on heading following, heading pitch following, lock, sleep, upside down, reset, joystick direction and motor pan/tilt related parameters.

App page for Feiyu G5 is simple and function keys are more intuitive. It can set the motor speed, following speed, heading speed and other parameters though App, so that to meet the need of our shooting.  

GoPro Karma Grip
Pros: More functions after fitted with HERO5; Can directly charge HERO5; Can directly control camera related function.
Cons: Bulky, not easy to carry; Do not support manual adjustment direction; Inconvenient installation; No Dedicated App; High price, Not cost-effective.

Feiyu G5
Pros: Small size, easy to carry; Manual adjustment direction, 360° rotation; Easy installation, screw fixation; Dedicated App; Low prices, Cost-effective.
Cons: Not directly control the camera function of HERO5; Need external cable for charge.

Whether to choose GoPro Karma Grip or Feiyu G5? It depends on different consumers. If the economy is well off, with a host of GoPro related accessories can choose GoPro Karma Grip. However, to choose Feiyu G5 is the most suitable choice for user who pay more attention to cost-effective and only want to hand-held shooting.