A 3-Aixs gimbal, as it is known to all. However, for the 360° camera, there is no exclusive hand-held gimbal. So comes out the Feiyu G360.

Feiyu G360 has a vertical counterweight system with multiple precise counterweights. Panorama cameras and action cameras can be easily balanced on Feiyu G360. Feiyu G360 Camera Gimbal features a drop-proof plate. This dual-slide plate is fast-dismantling and assembilng for quick camera changes.

Due to the stability of the arm configuration, the general 3-axis gimbal will often block part of the 360° camera vision. Instead, Feiyu G360 using separate structural design, sets 360° camera on the top, which effectively reduces the condition of the gimbal to shield the view. Same with the reason, Feiyu G360 adapted split structure and counterweight design, thus, it looks more distinctive.

Feiyu G360 can achieve the course, pitch, roll. With Feiyu ON remote control function, it can achieve long-range remote control shooting. In the man-machine separation scene, you can also use the phone to control the gimbal heading angle, to switch a variety of follow mode. What’s more, panoramic mode can also provide timing rotation settings.

In the operation area, rocker of Feiyu G360 can adjust the angle of the heading. A single function button to achieve the switch machine, following the mode switch and other operations. The new panoramic key can hold the PTZ uniform horizontal rotation. Even if the installation of the general sports camera or mobile phone can also shoot average speed of panoramic images.

Feiyu G360 uses a 22650 lithium battery, life of about 6 hours, applicable to Samsung Gear 360, Kodak Pixpro sp360, Kodak Pixpro sp360 4k, Sony FDR-X3000 and other models. In addition to the 360° camera and sports camera, Feiyu Feiyu G360 can also be through 1/4 "screw holes and modular accessories to install the card camera or smart phone.