Feiyu Vimble c Smart Phone Gimbal---Flexible and Cost-effective

Nowadays is a self-timer era, but also a live show era. From ordinary people to stars, everyone has a smart phone. You can use it to chat, to sing, to dance and so on. In the meantime, Phone Gimbals, as a tool for mobile phone to take video, with easy to use and not afraid of tremor features, has gradually come into the public attention.

If you have used UAV, you will be more agreeable with the role of mobile gimbals. Mobile gimbals transplanted UAV technology, through ergonomic design, operation more convenient and more flexible. Recently, China Feiyu technology company released Feiyu Vimble c Mobile gimbals.

Static experience

The side of the box has some special features. A mechanical chicken-style paper-cut pattern and a 17-letter word with a mobile gimbals. The inside of the box is jammed with a foam block, and a charging cable is attached, as well as the Chinese and English manual and warranty cards.

Compared to the previous Feiyu SPG and G4 series mobile gimbals, Feiyu Vimble c has a new breakthrough in its appearance. Unlike the previous product using aluminum alloy body, but use ABS material handle, taking into account the light and strong.

The upper part of the handle are a four-way rocker, a Bluetooth shutter button, a USB charging interface and a mode / function dial switch.

Feiyu Vimble c is a 3-axis gimbals, with heading axis, pitch axis and roll axis in the upper part of handle. Each axis keep the phone in the multi-directional stability by the automatic balancing system. Moreover, the body is still using a full aluminum alloy material, and the connection of all components are very meticulous.

Feiyu Vimble c's sliding arm design eliminates the traditional components.

Rotated button carves with mesh, saving effort when rotating. The plywood has soft rubber cushion and clip force is also very strong, without worry about mobile falling down. In addition, the adjustable size is large, maximum supporting 6-inch screen phone.

Operation experience

Feiyu Vimble c looks fat, but thanks to ergonomic design, holding a full sense of fullness.

What’s more, after installing with mobile, the arm is not long enough. Whether it is held vertically or horizontally held, full grip feeling will not feel too heavy.

In operation, the thumb corresponds to Feiyu Vimble c four-way rocker and Bluetooth shutter button; the index finger corresponds to the mode / function dial switch. The two indicator light on the top of the handle indicate different states by different colors and flickering rhythms.

Feiyu Vimble c phone gimbals’s stable center of gravity can be placed vertically on the plane. Meanwhile, the bottom of the body has a 1/4 standard screw hole, which will be more secure when using a tripod for live show.

Feiyu Vimble c and App are connected via Bluetooth and the matching process is simple. It can switch to normal, panoramic, delay and other mode by sliding the page. On the top of Home page are flash switch, face tracking, front and back camera switch, setting and other functions.

Camera settings and PTZ settings are very comprehensive. PTZ settings can be set separately on 3-Axis of the motor speed, angle and move speed, with the use of picture and text.

Feiyu Vimble c can be remote control by App. With smooth and flexible operation and cool effects, also can shoot easily more creative video. The working mode setting is also supported on the APP rocker page.

Performance experience

The movable angle of heading axis, pitch axis and roll axis is 320°, and through the four-way rocker can be up and down left and right rotation.

Feiyu Vimble c work mode have heading follow, pitch following and lock mode, which can adapt to different live show, self-timer and other needs.

Except the normal horizontal shooting, Feiyu Vimble c also supports the vertical screen and vertical handle up mode, which are more suitable for live show’s needs. The conversion between horizontal and vertical is very convenient. When the horizontal angle of the handle with the horizontal phone is less than 30°, clicking the back of the handle mode / function dial switch, the phone gimbals will automatically switch to vertical mode, vice versa.

Feiyu Vimble c Mobile Gimbals can achieve automatic tracking face with App. First identify the face in the App, when moving, the hand-held gimbals will automatically turn to the direction of the face.Feiyu Vimble c has built-in lithium battery, can be use of about 5 hours after fully charged. In the meantime, it support charge by power band, so do not have to worry about no electricity. 

Feiyu Vimble c Conclusion

1. Low prices, Cost-effective
2. Ergonomic design, convenient one-hand operation
3. The motor runs smoothly and quietly

1. White body easy to dirty
2. Handle work details need to be strengthened
3. The functional stability of APP needs to be further optimized